(pronounced "ray")

Rei, indirectly translated into English, is a Japanese word that is used in various contexts. Oftentimes Rei can be used to connote spirit, sacred, or universal and it can also be used to describe having great gratitude or respect. 


(pronounced "key")

Simplistically defined, Ki is the continuous, integrated flow of energy throughout organized matter. In people, Ki flows along energy pathways, often called meridians, that link all the parts of the body to make it cohesive and whole. In other languages Ki is analogous to  Prana, Chi, or Mana. 

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Reiki Lineage

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​​​Lifepath Reiki

in the Usui shiki ryoho tradition

​​​​Mikao Usui Sensei (1865-1926)

Founder of Reiki, Usui Sensei taught over 2000 students in his lifetime of which 16 earned the Master title Shinpiden, or Master Teacher. Usui was a scholar and international traveler and was trained as a samurai and in Aiki, in the tradition of his familial ancestors.

Chujiro Hayashi, Shinpiden (1880-1940)
A naval physician and Sensei Usui's successor, Dr. Hayashi used intensive Reiki to heal his patients at his Tokyo clinic. He granted 13 students Shinpiden status, including Hawayo Takata, before committing Seppuku just prior to the second World War.

Hawayo Takata, Master Teacher (1900-1980)

Of ​Japanese ethnicity and Hawai'i-born, Takata studied Reiki for several years under Dr. Hayashi. Prior to his passing, Dr. Hayashi named Takata as his successor; Takata is credited with introducing Reiki to the western world. 

John Harvey Gray, Master Teacher (1917-2011)
John Harvey Gray (pictured with his wife, Lourdes Gray) holds the record of being the longest-practicing Reiki practitioner in the U.S. He was the third of Takata's 22 students to be initiated as a Master and trained thousands of students in his lifetime.

Melissa Clark, Master Teacher


Melissa Clark is an accomplished practitioner and teacher and received extensive Reiki training from John Harvey Gray, who conferred her Master Teacher title in 2007. Melissa teaches and practices Reiki in Hawai'i.

​​Aislyn Matias, Advanced Second Degree
Aislyn is a student of Melissa Clark and has been granted her first, second and advanced second degree titles. She began her Reiki training in 2014 and hasn't looked back since. More Bio...​​