in the Usui shiki ryoho tradition

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Session Information

Although a single session of Reiki can be very relaxing and energetically nourishing, a minimum of four sessions are recommended to initiate a deeper healing process and to generate lasting change. Multiple sessions are especially pertinent for clients who would like to use Reiki to address long-term conditions or conditions that have persisted for more than three weeks.

Reiki is often used in conjunction with allopathic medicine or as a stand-alone treatment, and can simply be defined as the channeling, restoration, and rebalancing of a client's vital energy systems.

Reiki practitioners do not interpret, coach, or advise, and Reiki is not a substitute for professional medical treatment of any kind. 

Aislyn's work includes first-come first-served monthly Reiki clinics at the Bodhi Tree Dharma Center in Honolulu, Hawai'i in addition to private practice, and she currently works directly with individual clients in the Portland Oregon Metro area.​​

Session Rates

Typically, rates are set at $40 for one hour or $60 for two hours in-person. At this time, only distance sessions are available, due to the pandemic.


In person Sessions:

One hour

A one-hour session is appropriate for those wanting to relax deeply, have a good night's sleep and who only have time for a quick treatment. This length of time is most appropriate for people who have received Reiki previously and would like a "refresher" session.

Two hours

​A two-hour session is an opportunity to delve deeper into the healing power of Reiki in order to generate longer-lasting outcomes. In a two-hour session the practitioner and client will work with the client's goals and areas of energetic significance in order to help bring the client into their natural state of balance. Since deep relaxation quite often promotes the release of bodily toxins, please include time in your schedule to sit quietly following a two-hour session. 

Distance sessions: $35.00/60 minutes, includes virtual consultation.

Payment plans and trade options are available upon inquiry.